Since he first delved into the mysteries of music production at the age of 13, he has quietly been learning his future trade. His prodigious talents have been spotted early by Guy J, who has been quick to sign up a selection of stunning tracks, that will no doubt put Navar firmly on everyone's radar.

What's there to know?

Artist name: Navar
Real name: Eelko
Year of birth: 1987
Sound: deep, melodic, hypnotic and definitely danceable.

Best gig experience:
"When I played together with Eelke Kleijn at a Paradigm gig."

Best Paradigm gig:
Sunday Afternoon Collective with Guy J. on January 1st 2013.

Everything! Life!

Fav. dj set-up:
Allen & Heath Xone:92. "And my music."
You can wake me up at night for: "A gig at... somewhere."

Nobody knows that...:
"When I'm talking to myself, it can be a real deep conversation."

My other passion:

First memory of and/or contact with music:
"Since my mum and dad played their music. And for electronic music in particular then, I think ID&T is responsible for the global aspect of different genres in electronic music. At least to me."

"Le Paradigme" is the first glimpse on the Lost & Found label. This introductory single will be followed by a debut mini-LP that will reveal much more about Navar's ability to create totally enthralling dance music.

Get to know Navar a little better

What, to you, describes that typical Paradigm 'thing' or feeling?
In a few words then: gathering, coziness, friendly visitors aka prdgm'ers.
But there is so much more.. you should come!

What is your favorite place in or around the Paradigm location?
Inside or outside doesn't make any difference to me. It's the overall location and people that makes Paradigm one of my favorite locations.

What's the other thing that gives you the same kick of a packed club with people blowing their minds to your music?
It's almost non-comparable, but when I'm producing a track, it can give me so much energy.
Gives me more in order to recreate/create the things I'm working on...

What do you hope people experience when listening and dancing to your music?
I hope that people will hear what I feel, and what I feel from them 'the Audience'! Which is really important to create a flow, I hope that is exactly what people will feel, that flow, it's the ultimate goal for me.

Upcoming gigs

26-04-2016 IINVOLVE, 21, Leeuwarden (NL)

14-05-2016 Loodsrave Festival, Groningen (NL)

27-05-2016 Vinni & Jo, Leeuwarden (NL)

18-06-2016 Filthy Shades of Paradigm, Paradigm, Groningen (NL)

14-08-2016 Paradigm Festival, Groningen (NL)